Hanil Medical Co., Ltd. will reward you with continuous technological innovation and quality.

Product Features and Differences

01. Design

Design to express our commitment and  giving the product's value, scale with precision craft to build one of kind design in the market.

02. Direct

Modularity provides more direct and flexible to set-up because can be performed at a subsystem level to upgrades, repaired, installed or exchange quickly without disassembling from the solution and by just simple plugging or attaching the module and devices.

03. Difference

Develop & manufacture in-house with electric, mechanical, firmware engineers and designers to build most dependable and highest quality products with a competitive pricing for both standard and OEM / ODM product lines.

◈ Slim foot massage
◈ Multifunctional Massager
◈ Supports various pattern modes
◈ Features and ease of use

Product Features

Robust durability

- Load test over 90 kg over 800 hours and no load test
- Designed to withstand external shocks and internal stresses

Reasonable price competitiveness

- Improve productivity by improving technology and quality process.
- Reduce costs by working with competitive partners.

Ceratonic + warm application [Maximizing far infrared effect]

 - Massage ball differentiation: CERATONIC + HEAT system is applied to the massage ball to maximize far-infrared radiation.
- Domestic and overseas only.

Massage the foot and soles simultaneously

- Air (foot) + Rolling (sole) system application Stimulates foot and soles to provide a cool massage.

Customized Massage Implementation

- Adoption of hand kneading method.
- It can be used in home, office vehicles.

Slim size, low noise

- Compact and light size, compact storage and easy to use space.
- Superior quality parts and design for low noise

Efficient foot massage up and down

Hand massage function

15 minute auto timer

Differentiated ventilation structure

Applied technology and specifications

Product Specification

Sheath material
Polyurethane, ABS, etc.
Rated voltage
DC12C , 2.5A
Operating time
15 minute auto timer
Power Consumption