Management Philosophy

Hanil Medical Co., Ltd. will reward you with continuous technological innovation and quality.

  Management Philosophy

Tenacious company

I believe that the basic idea that the medical device business should have is the truth. Medical companies that have to protect the health of the people must earn absolute trust.

We are trying to treat our customers with honesty to earn absolute trust. Honesty is the most basic and hardest thing to do.

A responsible and committed company

I believe that we should keep our place with responsibility and confidence. We are going to become Hanil Medical Co., Ltd which does not spare effort for self-development in order to take responsibility in its place. It is the most basic, the most difficult thing to keep, the responsibility for your own work.

Companies investing in the future

Based on steady technological research as our priority, we are always striving to produce more reliable products with more advanced technology and more than 10 years of know-how. We are investing 5% of total turnover in technology development and research in order to constantly develop new technology.